Karzai asks America to not manage Pak on Asian country social process

Kabul: Former President of Asian country President Hamid Karzai has urged the u. s. to not manage Pakistan whereas creating efforts to initiate associate inclusive social process within the war-worn country.

Addressing a gathering marking the ninetieth death day of academician Dr Sayed Meer Bahauddin Majroh in national capital, Tolonews quoted the previous President as expression, “We fully differentiate the actual fact that what the Afghan peace suggests that and what’s the difficulty between the America and Pakistan. Our country was destroyed simply because of foreign deals.”

Former President Karzai aforesaid that so as to accelerate the social process in Asian country, it’s important to require the close countries, particularly Russia and China into confidence. He conjointly intercalary that the participation of the Afghan folks could be a primary concern here. “No angle of the social process ought to be hidden from the folks. Otherwise, Asian country would be destroyed,” the previous President warned.

“We ought to have our own national observation of the social process from the start to the tip and Afghans should be concerned in peace the least bit stages and that they ought to have the honour of the duty. within the space wherever we tend to aren’t concerned and that we don’t own the duty, the result won’t be in our favour,” Karzai aforesaid.

The former President conjointly advised that so as to bring the Taliban to some extent of negotiation, the Afghan government ought to designate a national peace delegation.

For the past many years, Washington has been making an attempt to steer the Taliban to come back to the negotiating table and formulate a social process to finish the 17-year-old conflict in Asian country.

However, the Taliban claim that the presence of foreign troops within the war-worn nation was a hindrance to achieving long peace.(FA9NEWS)

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