Padmavat ban a boon for Rajasthan Tourism!

Jaipur: The ban on the film ” Padmavat ” in Rajasthan, it seems, is popping bent be a boon for business within the state. The Mewar region of the state — home to the legendary queen Padmini, the topic of the pic — has been witness to an exceptional rise in traveler numbers in Dec 2017.

A large variety of tourists from across Republic of India are flocking to the numerous cities of the region, that embrace Udaipur and Chittorgarh, last month and within the initial week of Gregorian calendar month, ever since the controversey erupted over Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s amount drama “Padmavati”. The film has finally been cleared when being re-titled ” Padmavat “, among alternative changes.

The numbers have nearly doubled in Padmini’s “home town” of Chittorgarh — to eighty one,009 in Dec 2017 from forty,733 within the same month the previous year, the town’s assistant traveler officer, Sharad Vyas, said. Chttorgarh Fort is wherever Padmini is alleged to own performed “jauhar” (self-immolation) when her husband’s defeat at the hands of Alauddin Khilji, ruler of the Delhi state.

“Tourists ar curious to understand regarding the place Queen Padmini belonged to. The city has gained national fame all of a sudden with most happening over the film Padmavat,” Vyas told IANS.

The number of tourists conjointly witnessed a sudden rise from legal holiday (Christmas) to the primary week of Gregorian calendar month.

“People became additional privy to history. they are available and raise regarding stories associated with Padmini, (her husband) Rawal switch Singh and Alauddin Khilji. astonishingly, they are available ready with historical facts and need to visualize the places wherever history was created,” Sunil subunit, a registered government guide in Chhitorgarh, told IANS.

Most of the tourists coming back to Chhittorgarh wish to visualize the mirror wherever, in keeping with legend, the queen’s face was shown to Alauddin Khilji, Sen said, adding that they’re conjointly keen to visualize the place wherever queen performed jauhar with around sixteen,000 girls when her husband’s defeat.

Of the massive rush seen on the last Sunday of 2017 (December 31), he aforementioned that the tickets for the fort were exhausted and in spite of long queues of tourists, the gates had to be closed early.

“Never ever has Chhittorgarh seen such a large variety of tourists. thence it won’t be wrong to mention that the film Padmavat has taken the name of the city to the national level,” he added.

Even the demand for guides has up here as folks wish to listen to stories regarding the legendary queen, he said.

Sudhir Gurnani, owner of edifice Mira in Chittorgarh, aforementioned tourists coming back to the city have conjointly been to Udaipur to understand additional regarding its ruler Maharana Pratap “as well as regarding the culture of Mewar”.

“Tourists coming back to the current lake town are asking questions about Chhitorgarh. they need to understand additional regarding Queen Padmini and her cultural background. several of these coming back here come back via Chittorgarh,” Arun Kumar Remtia, a guide from Udaipur, told IANS.

Shurti, the sales manager at the upmarket Lake Pichola edifice, conjointly confirmed that the traveler numbers have gone up this season in Udaipur. “Earlier, we have a tendency to accustomed see an enormous variety of foreign travellers in and round the city; but, this season, the trend has modified. there’s an enormous variety of domestic tourists in Udaipur,” Shruti told IANS.

The rising figures signify that there has been curiosity, wonder and keenness to understand additional regarding Padmini and her legend.


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