Mukul Rohatgi says Yeddyurappa’s letter to court shows majority

New Delhi [India], might eighteen (ANI): Former professional General Mukul Rohatgi, United Nations agency is showing for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on province crisis on weekday hip the state Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa’s letter to the Supreme Court shows majority and also the same are going to be shown throughout a floor take a look at.
Interacting with the media before showing at the apex court for a hearing on an equivalent, Rohatgi rebuffed the reports of alleged horse-trading of the Congress and also the Janata decaliter (Secular) leaders by the BJP.
“We can show Chief Minister’s letter to the Supreme Court, it shows he has support and support are going to be shown within the house,” Rohatgi aforesaid.
“There is not any issue of horse-trading, it’s the opposite method, as MLAs are taken to resorts,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Congress and also the JD(S) have shifted their MLAs from province to Hyderabad fearing cooking makes an attempt by the BJP.
The freshly electoral province Chief Minister, United Nations agency took oath yesterday, has 15-day to prove his majority on the ground of the assembly.

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