RJD to satisfy province Governor seeking to make govt

Patna (Bihar) [India], could seventeen (ANI): the only largest party in province, Rashtriya Janata decaliter (RJD) are meeting the state Governor Satya Pal leader seeking to make government within the state and dissolve the incumbent JD(U)-BJP Government.
RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav took to Twitter to convey identical and additionally sophisticated that the party would hold a Dharna on weekday.
“We would be holding a one-day dharna tomorrow against the murder of democracy in province. we tend to additionally request the province Governor to dissolve the regime and like in province, invite the only largest party, that in province is that the RJD,” the tweet browse.
In another tweet, Yadav said, “I can meet Honourable Governor of province at the side of MLAs as we tend to area unit single largest party of province.”
The RJD holds eighty seats within the 243-seat province Assembly, whereas the ruling coalition parties Janata decaliter (United) and also the BJP hold seventy seats and fifty three seats every severally, totaling to 123 seats.
Yadav’s statement comes once the province Assembly elections, whereby the only largest party was invited to make the govt rather than the coalition parties that along shaped the bulk.
Following the results of Karntataka Assembly elections, Governor Vajubhai R. Vala on could sixteen invited BJP’s baccalaureate Yeddyurappa to make the govt once it emerged because the single largest party with 104 seats. at the side of one freelance MLA, the BJP has staked the claim at forming the govt.
However, they’re still in need of the halfway mark of 112 by seven MLAs and are given fifteen days to prove their majority within the province assembly.
The Congress-Janata decaliter (Secular) alliance, on the opposite hand, features a majority with one hundred fifteen MLAs.

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