The mystery of 7-Year-old boy murder case resolved, the boy was dead when anal sex Hyderabad: Last week the murder of a 7-year-old minor boy was committed in Balapur space. Task Force of Hyderabad town Police with the assistance of Rachankonda Police inactive the wrongdoer. According to the small print of the incident, a 7-year-old minor boy, resident of gully Mustafa, Jalpally visited a close-by grocery look to shop for a cool drink. Seeing the minor boy alone, Omer bin Hasan (25) took the boy to a lonely place associate degreed on an open plot of land, he sodomized the boy, as a results of that, the boy started crying. Hearing the sound, a lady shed the sunshine of her telephone on the open plot. so as to prevent the cries of the boys, the defendant attacked the boy by marketing an important stone on his head. The boy died on the spot. The residence of the slain boy is found a hundred meters away. This case had become complicated as there have been no proofs. it had been a challenge for Hyderabad town Police. The police reviewed the case with the assistance of all the CCTV cameras of the world and interrogated several persons. Meanwhile, Police got CCTV footage of a suspected one who was running. Task Force known the suspect with the assistance of his hairstyle and Hawai chappals. On obtaining this clue, police took Omer bin Hasan into its custody. throughout interrogation, he confessed the crime. He was inactive and bimanual over to Balapur police. He was bestowed within the court. The adjudicator sent him to jail.

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