Envoy credits Sushma Swaraj for strengthening Russia-India ties

New Delhi [India], June thirteen (ANI): Russia’s Ambassador to Asian country|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} Nikolay Kudashev has same his country and India have a special and strategic relationship within the real sense of the word thanks to the efforts place in by External Affiars Minister Sushma Swaraj.
Speaking on the occasion of Day of Russia celebrations at the embassy on Tuesday evening, Ambassador Kudashev same, “The presence of Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj at the celebrations to mark these days at the Russian Embassy in national capital not solely reminded several of the fantastic past that each countries therefore with pride care for, however it conjointly reflects the reconstruction of the trust, that according some quarters has been weakening.”
Ambassador Kudashev thanked Swaraj for her personal valuable contribution in strengthening bilateral ties and cooperation between Republic of India and Russia.
Commenting on the friendly relationship that exists between the 2 countries, Ambassador Kudashev same, “It is encouraging to notice that one amongst the primary major international initiatives taken by fresh born Russia was the sign language of the accord on friendly relationship and Cooperation with Republic of India on Jan twenty eight, 1993. This year marks the twenty fifth day of remembrance of the document, additionally because the 71st day of remembrance of the institution of diplomatic relations between our countries, that area unit one amongst a sort, made in substance and distinctive in terms of mutual respect, trust and profit.”
“Russia and Republic of India could with pride boast of their sturdy and multi-pronged ties, shaping truth essence of a special and privileged strategic partnership. Annual summits, command alternately in 2 countries, area unit key events of the year providing major boosts to any advance of bilateral cooperation,” Ambassador Kudashev else.
Recalling the meeting between President statesman and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Sochi last month, Ambassador Kudashev same, “We have seen recently a replacement development – an off-the-cuff summit – meeting between President statesman and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Sochi last month, that I had a privilege to attend and witness, following annual summit is ready for this Oct in Republic of India.”
“While celebrating the Day of Russia, we are able to with pride note that it’s people-to-people contacts and mutual affinity that basically makes the Russian-Indian friendly relationship therefore robust. It comes as no surprise that it’s our common goal to continue fulfilling the inexhaustible potential of Russia-India trade, investment, technological, scientific and cultural interaction additionally as strengthening our cooperation multilaterally within the close to future and on the far side. friendly relationship and strategic partnership of Russia and Republic of India has all the conditions to thrive and blossom for the safety and prosperity of not solely our nations, however conjointly the globe at giant,” Ambassador Kudashev else
The Russian Embassy in national capital hosted a lavish reception on Tuesday evening to mark the day that saw the complete premises lit up in a very color theme matching with their national colours. The White Hall saw a gathering of many guests – influential Indian politicians and public figures, businessmen and officers, cultural and scientific celebrities, activists of Russian-Indian friendly relationship societies, journalists and representatives of Russian firms.
The celebration was conjointly attended by diplomats from numerous countries.
Highlighting the India-Russia friendly relationship, Praveen Pathak, advocate, BrahMos part, said, “India-Russia relations area unit time tested. If there was any country that supported Republic of India throughout sanctions was solely Russia. we have a tendency to got all the support from Russia. Republic of India reciprocated within the same method and stood by Russia in 90s once Russia was rummaging a troublesome amount. Joint ventures like Brahmos, that emerged in 1998 supported Russian defense industries and defense establishments in a very massive method.”
“In fact, the primary launch of Brahmos happened on twelfth June 2001, on Russia Day. nowadays Brahmos could be a shining example of India-Russia cooperation within the field of defense, that has been recognized by President solon and PM Modi round the globe,”Said Praveen Pathak, advocate, BrahMos part.
Udit Raj, Lok Sabha MP from North West metropolis, said, “Russia is our natural friend. however in later years we have a tendency to were a lot of atilt towards western countries and also the U.S. it’s our inability, which require to be broken. There area unit tremendous business opportunities in Russia which require to be explored. Now, time has return to strengthen friendly relations and to push people’s diplomacy between Republic of India and Russia to new high.”

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