Udhampur farmers earning big money once PM’s speak on organic farming

Udhampur”>Udhampur (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Jun fourteen (ANI): Taking a cue from their Bageshwar counterparts, farmers in Chaintal village in Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur”>Udhampur district have taken inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words of adopting organic farming and have currently joined hands, earning pints of cash.
In his monthly ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Apr lauded the efforts of farmers in Uttarakhand’s Bageshwar district for enterprise organic farming in their space.
The Prime Minister conjointly urged others to require inspiration from the Bageshwar farmers. Further, he aforesaid that the financial gain of farmers would be doubled by 2022.
A farmer named Bishan Dass aforesaid, “We have started growing differing kinds of vegetables while not victimization fertilisers and pesticides. Earlier, we have a tendency to accustomed grow seasonal vegetables in 1-2 Kanal of land. But, currently by victimization native and organic fertilisers, we have a tendency to area unit currently growing vegetables in 8-10 Kanal of land and earning double profits.”
Dass value-added that he followed Prime Minister Modi’s Mann Ki Baat address on the harmful effects of victimization chemicals to the crops.
The farmer more aforesaid he believed in what he known as a “pure organic farming”.
A local resident of the village, Ajay Kumar conjointly urged different farmers in Udhampur”>Udhampur district to require inspiration from Prime Minister Modi’s speech and to imitate.
An official from the Udhampur”>Udhampur USDA, Vikas Padha aforesaid that the farmers at Chaintal village have set Associate in Nursing example of adopting organic farming, as they cared regarding nature.
“Farmers at Chaintal village area unit earning double of their manufacture once victimization organic fertilisers. Chemical fertilisers area unit harmful and have an effect on our health and crops. The farmers area unit galvanized by Prime Minister Modi and area unit currently thought-about as their icons. The state agricultural department knowing the farmers regarding the harmful effects of victimization chemicals and advantages of doing organic farming,” said.

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