Muslims must get insurance done: Maulana Al-Hamoomi

Hyderabad: Muslim investors investing crores of rupees in function halls is becoming a cause of degeneration of the community. Muslims should open educational institutions, form a network of sports academies, stop indulging in conflicts and avoid sharing speeches of Pakistani clerics on social media, said Maulana Ahsan bin Mohammed Abdur Rahman Al-Hamoomi. He urged people not to create miscreancy in the country.

In the current situation Indian Muslims should get their lives and properties insured, said Maulana Ahsan bin Mohammed Abdur Rahman Al-Hamoomi while delivering Friday sermon at Shahi Masjid Bagh-e-Aam.
Terming construction of marriage halls by spending crores of rupees and performing marriages by spending lakhs of rupees as the negligence of Muslims, Maulana Ahsan Al-Hamoomi said the times when Muslims need to prepare a strategy we are indulged in controversial issues.

He appealed to Muslims to use their wealth to build confidence in the community. Instead of constructing the masjid we need to protect the existing ones, he asserted.

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