Huge cache of arms, ammunition taken over in Meghalaya

Tura (Meghalaya) [India], national holiday (ANI): a colossal stockpile of arms and ammunition were taken over by the Meghalaya police within the East Garo Hills district.
The arms were discovered on weekday close to the Simsang watercourse and were reportedly left behind by GNLA chief Sohan D Shira. The arms that were recovered enclosed a 1 303 light-weight machine gun, two Last Frontier rifles, one H and K rifle, four SBML barrels, five UBGL shells, two rockets (RPG), one 9mm magazine, one 9mm rifle, five Last Frontier rifle magazines, one device, one signal booster, thirty Last Frontier rifle bullets, 8 pistols, two metric weight unit of gelatin (Gelignite) sticks, sixty six electronic detonators, and seven cleanup rods.
The police together with the assistance of villagers dispensed search operations within the forests bordering Dorengkigre and Bawegre situated across the watercourse, fifteen metric linear unit from the district headquarters Williamnagar.
“Some of the weapons were merely stashed within the bushes whereas others were buried within the ground. Villagers conjointly joined within the search operation and a few of the places wherever the weapons were hid were discovered by them,” aforesaid East Garo Hills SP, R T G Momin.
The police suspect that one amongst the taken over weapons, Associate in Nursing Last Frontier may are quarantined by the militants.
“We square measure unable to mention from that ambush the weapon was quarantined. however going by the create and the way it operates, it resembles those employed by police and people employed by the GNLA have a special mechanism,” the policeman aforesaid.
The police had recovered varied GNLA weapons from completely different locations throughout varied search operations across the Simsang presently once the killing of Shira.

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