UP: Muslims set example of communal harmony; amendment Friday prayer timings on Holi

Aligarh: Muslims in Aligarh have set Associate in Nursing example of communal harmony. Keeping in sight the sensitive state of affairs within the town, Mufti Khalid Hameed has set to alter namaz (prayer) timings in province on Holi pageant, which can be celebrated on Friday. The move is lauded from all quarters. It should be recalled that tension sparked on several occasions in Aligarh on the occasion of Holi. Holi revellers, whereas passing by a house of prayer or Muslim areas throw colors resulting in clashes.

Mufti Khalid Hameed has delayed the Friday prayer timings for [*fr1] Associate in Nursing hour. The prayer that wont to be offered on one pm can currently be offered at 1:30 pm, to accommodate Holi revellers. Mufti additionally set that the devotees can hit the house of prayer through the rear gate rather than the most gate.

Officials additionally heaved a sigh of relief when the choice by the ecclesiastic. The Halwaiyaun wali house of prayer placed at Abdul Kareem Chauraha and Moti house of prayer placed at Phool Chowk square measure in sensitive areas. The masajid square measure sometimes encircled by Holi revellers. officers have unbroken their fingers crossed as this year Holi falls on a Friday. the govt. has illegal the utilization of DJ and loudspeakers for the pageant.

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