Note ban brought down land prices, helped youth buy cheap houses: Narendra Modi

Surat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday aforesaid that the ending exercise helped bring down costs of homes and created them reasonable for the youth.
He aforesaid he was being asked regarding the gains from the 2016 note ban however the question ought to be place to the youth World Health Organization gained from it.
“I am asked regarding the advantages of the note ban call. you ought to address this to the youth, World Health Organization might purchase residential homes at reasonable rates when the choice,” Modi aforesaid.
The Prime Minister said: “Black money accustomed be set in real property sector. however with choices like note ban, we have a tendency to place a check thereon.”
Modi was speaking when birth the muse stone of the extension of the terminal building at Surat flying field.
He aforesaid the UDAAN theme of the Civil Aviation Ministry was the results of his dream that the human ought to even be ready to undertake travelling.
“Today i’m happy to mention that the theme has catapulted our country among the world’s fastest-growing aviation markets,” Modi aforesaid.
Referring to the housing sector, Modi aforesaid that his government engineered one.30 large integer homes throughout the last four years of the NDA rule whereas the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) engineered twenty five hundred thousand homes over a decade.
Praising his own governance, Modi aforesaid the previous governments would have taken quite twenty five years to try and do the work that he had tired the last four years.
The Prime Minister known as upon the individuals to vote a single-party majority government at the Centre.
“For the last thirty years, the country had a ‘hung Parliament’ and this had affected development. Four years agone, individuals voted a government with a full majority when that the country is progressing quickly

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