A moment’s negligence price a UAE-born Hyderabadi dearly

NEW DELHI: Abdul Wahab, a UAE-born Hyderabadi continues to be troubled to choose up items once he binned a bag of money by mistake four years past.

Wahab has not solely lost a bag with Dh100,000 that he erroneously tossed in bin however everything as well as his job, money, passport, and visa.

Once got a present for best manager, Wahab, currently lives a life in shambles.

Beginning of the harmful events

Wahab, UN agency wont to be a manager at the Sharjah outlet of a French chain within the United Arab Emirates would always remember March ten, 2015 that created him unemployed, homeless and nearly pinched.

The company during which he was operating laid-off him abruptly. the owner evicted him for unpaid rents and therefore the bank and therefore the you-drive company filed cases for defaulting on payments.

What next?

His visa was expired associated he was thought of an prohibited resident. His mistake created him to spent some of months on a street and he survived by intense solely on instant noodles.

The worst

Between 2017 and 2018, Wahab was inactive doubly and visited jail for seven months for payment default and bounced cheque cases.

He tried each department and charity teams here, however sadly couldn’t avail any facilitate from them. He additionally approached India’s foreign ministry to induce any facilitate. however even there he had no success.

Wahab, UN agency was born and mentioned within the UAE, ne’er thought that he would see such agonizing days. Wahab, currently lives in Abu Dhabi along with his 2 younger brothers needed to travel back to his town Hyderabad as he haven’t seen my ageing folks for seven years.(FA9NEWS)

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