ICC World Cup: Did umpiring error value Dhoni his wicket? Video goes infective agent

New Delhi: when the Indian high order folded against New Seeland within the tourney semi at the recent Trafford on Wed, Ravindra Jadeja and Mahendra Singh Dhoni United Nations agency unbroken their aspect in hunt as Asian nation pursued 240 runs for success.

Soon when Jadeja (77) fell when adding 116 runs for the seventh wicket with Dhoni (50), the previous Asian nation skipper was caught in need of his crease by Martin Guptill with a superb direct hit within the penultimate over of the match. Asian nation eventually went down by eighteen runs to crash out of the planet Cup.

However, a video has emerged on Twitter that has sparked a discussion over the lawfulness of the delivery within which Dhoni fell. As per Interstate Commerce Commission rules, within the third Powerplay, solely 5 fielders ar allowed outside the 30-yard circle. however before the ball was delivered within which Dhoni was unemployed, atiny low graphic within the video showed that six players were outside the ring, resulting in widespread reactions by fans.

While it doesn’t matter if it’s a no-ball just in case of a run out, the fans felt that had the umpire referred to as it associate contraband delivery, Dhoni wouldn’t have had gone for fast runs because the next delivery would are a free-hit.

Criticising the umpiring standards, a devotee tweeted: “What nice Umpiring Skills….The Ball Msd became runout ought to incline as NoBall…& Dhoni ought to have compete and Asian nation have Won….What a good WC? What a good exhibition of Umpiring skills????”

“Just before MSD got Run-out, six fielders were outside the circle. Don’t recognize whether or not it’s umpiring fault or GPS error BTW, it absolutely was still a runout,” another fan wrote.

“Didn’t understand it, solely that it might have concerned bowling, which in bowling, hitter may be out run out. It means that team Asian nation conjointly didn’t observe of this rule, United Nations agency is aware of underneath the frustration of dhoni’s runout, they ne’er raised issue. It quantity to to unhealthy umpiring,” tweeted another fan.(FA9NEWS)

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