Midnight Sun: here’s however the Muslims break their quick in Arctic Kingdom of Norway wherever the sun ne’er sets

Arctic Kingdom of Norway now’s longing the amount of atmospheric phenomenon. settled over two hundred miles north of the polar circle, Kingdom of Norway is home to extreme light-weight variation between seasons. throughout the Polar Night, that lasts from Nov to Gregorian calendar month, the sun doesn’t rise in the least. Then the times get more and more longer till the atmospheric phenomenon amount, from might to Gregorian calendar month, once it ne’er sets.

In the video, Islamist Waheed hakim is showing the sun within the north and therefore the idle the opposite aspect. At arctic, the sun doesn’t set however keeps going round the sky in an exceedingly circle. apparently each the sun and therefore the full-of-the-moon may be seen within the sky at a similar time.

The Islamist says that the atmospheric phenomenon is mentioned within the religious writing in Surah Kahf once Supreme Being (swt) talks regarding the story of Zulqarnain. Supreme Being gave him the power to travel within the earth as way within the east and as way within the west. and through these travels, Supreme Being says that he went and saw some those who Supreme Being failed to offer any covering from the sun.

There square measure around one thousand 200 Muslims within the region. many of us might surprise however do the Muslims quick over there, wherever the sun doesn’t set. in step with the Islamist the Muslims there follow the opinion of Al-Azhar and follow Makkah time to start out and break their quick.(FA9NEWS)

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