Noted Singer captured and remanded in lewd behavior case

Noted artist Ghazal Srinivas was captured by the Punjagutta police today for supposedly bugging a lady and created under the watchful eye of the Nampally Court. The Magistrate remanded Gazal Srinivas to 14-day legal authority.

At the point when the justice passed legal remand for the prominent artist, the resistance legal counselors moved a safeguard appeal to instantly. In the wake of hearing the two sides, the officer dismissed the safeguard appeal. With this, the police moved Gazal Srinivas to Chanchalguda focal correctional facility.

As per sources, the 29-year-old complainant, who was working for a web radio station, moved toward the police a week ago charging that the notable vocalist has been bugging her for sexual favors since over a year. The Punjagutta police, after a careful examination of the verifications created by the bothered lady, enlisted a non-bailable offense case under Section 354A IPC and captured Ghazal Srinivas.
The police said the messages and recordings delivered by the complainant unmistakably settled the way that Ghazal Srinivas had kissed her coercively and requested that she knead him. The police said the casualty, who was working with the radio station since June 2017 was rationally irritated in the wake of being bothered by the vocalist. In one of the confirmations created by the casualty, Ghazal debilitated her to expel her from the activity on the off chance that she didn’t submit. The casualty said as she was remaining in women in, she was confronting lewd behavior from Srinivas continually. 
Conversing with the media in the police headquarters, Ghazal Srinivas straight denied the charges saying he never enjoyed such affectionate exercises. He asserted that the young lady herself offered to knead his body without a masseuse. “I never had any awful expectation as I regarded the young lady as my own particular little girl,” he guaranteed.

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