Pak has no ethical ground to plead Kashmir’s case: United States of America primarily based Mohajir leader

Washington: A US-based cluster representing expatriate Mohajirs on Mon drawn up the creation of associate autonomous “Greater Karachi” at intervals Pakistan.

The demand came in before long when Asian country moved to finish Kashmir’s special standing.

The cluster seeks for complete autonomy to any or all ethnic entities and regions that square measure a part of Pakistan’s own territory.

“Until Pakistan affords constant rights it’s exigent for Kashmiris to its own Mohajir, Baloch, Pashtuns and Hazarah voters, it’s no ethical right to talk on behalf of Kashmiris,” Voice of metropolis (VOK) chairman Nadeem Nusrat told cuckoo.

As Asian country revoked Kashmir’s special standing, in anticipation of the announcement, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry condemned the Indian announcement as a violation of UN resolutions, language during a statement on Mon that “Pakistan can exercise all potential choices to counter the outlaw steps.”

Nadeem Nusrat, United Nations agency is in self-exile within the United States of America, aforesaid Pakistan has no ethical ground to plead Kashmiris case at any regional or international forum if it’s depriving its own voters of their elementary human rights.

“While Pakistan demands right to a vote in geographical region, is it willing to grant constant right to its own discontented ethnic minorities?”, asked Nadeem Nusrat.

“For decades, Pakistani ministers are publically conducting conferences with Kashmiri separatist leaders overseas. however would Pakistan react to Indian minister’s conferences with exiled Mohajir, Baloch and representatives of alternative persecuted ethnic or spiritual minorities of Pakistan?,” the Mohajir leader additional accessorial.

Nusrat declared that a world campaign can before long be launched to accentuate its efforts in exigent the restructuring of Pakistan. The campaign are going to be in accordance with verity spirit of the 1940 Lahore Resolution and as per the aspirations of Mohajirs, Baloch, Pashtuns and other people of Gilgit Baltistan.

The Voice of metropolis chairman aforesaid that his organization has already revealed the planned map of the larger metropolis and can before long issue the chief articles of its planned constitution each day before Pakistan’s July 4.(FA9NEWS)

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