Very good, growing relationship with India: U.S.A. when Trump’s geographical area row

Washington: The us features a excellent and growing relationship with India, the White House aforesaid on weekday.

“We have a really sensible and growing relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also the Indian government,” White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway told reporters throughout a press gaggle. She was responding to a matter on the denial by the Indian government that Modi requested President Donald Trump to mediate or liaise on the geographical area issue.

Earlier on, Trump surprised India throughout a joint media availableness with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan by voice communication that Modi had asked for such a mediation. Trump aforesaid Modi asked for this throughout their meeting last month in Japan on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit.

(FA9NEWS)India’s External affairs Minister S Jaishankar has aforesaid Modi ne’er asked for it and also the issue of geographical area was ne’er mentioned between the 2 leaders. India says geographical area may be a bilateral issue.

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