VIDEO: police officer at Mecca’s holy web site carries older pilgrim up the steps

As Mecca’s Grand musjid overflows with pilgrims, some, over others, notice it troublesome to complete their spiritual duties – in the main thanks to physical barriers.

Year when year, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has worked arduous on enhancing house of God Al-Haram (the world’s largest mosque) with a team of proficient policemen and guards to assist Muslims throughout their journey. it’s solely natural, then, to search out videos of heroes in uniforms disposition a hand to pilgrims.

One of these policemen won over people’s hearts on-line once he carried associate degree older man up the steps within the holy web site. A seven-second clip capturing the moving gesture went microorganism earlier on and had individuals in tears over unexpectedly finding a bit of humanity still intact.
Even though the bulk of individuals were everywhere the sort gesture, hailing the police officer for it, many a whole lot were left curious regarding the state of amenities offered to the disabled.

“We convey the guard for his facilitate, however area unit there no elevators?” one twitter user wrote.

It additionally prompted others to invoke authorities to supervise and supply such services for those that would like them.

Many were stirred by the clip

“This is that the true definition of humanity”

“These area unit our security men”

“This isn’t the primary time and won’t be the last”

Many said the dearth of required services

“There ought to be elevators or ways that for individuals with special must go up.”

Saudi guards at house of God Al-Haram perpetually lend a assistance

Last year, a video capturing a Saudi security man carrying associate degree older pilgrim through the crowds in Mecca’s holy musjid throughout pilgrim’s journey season additionally went microorganism on-line.

At the time, the footage stirred thousands WHO hailed the person for his kind gesture.(FA9NEWS)

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