Why you wish to brush your teeth quite once daily

Not brushing typically will cause health risks like insanity and heart condition.
A survey conducted in America found one third of millennials brush their teeth once daily solely, the Daily Mail rumored.

Market research company OnePoll conducted the study on two,000 people.

62% of american citizens conjointly rumored that they were too afraid to travel to the tooth doctor. the information shows several Americans area unit being neglectful oral hygiene routines despite having a concern of a tooth doctor visit.

“Research has shown that there area unit several linkages to oral health and your overall health,” Dr Lawrence Fung, a tooth doctor in l. a. , told the Daily Mail.

Not brushing or flossing has serious health risks from gum illness, insanity even impotency. individuals with insanity have conjointly been found to possess terribly high levels of bacterium in their mouths. analysis has conjointly discovered a link between gum illness and heart condition.

Brushing typically will facilitate minimise plaque that builds up from bacterium.

The yank Dental Association recommends dedicating four minutes of our day to brushing our teeth.-fa9news

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