Daughter of urban center city manager, a doctor, slams Mamata’s handling of strike

Kolkata: The agitation by doctors in West Bengal has created vast tensions within the state. Shabba Hakim, the female offspring of Firhad Hakim, WHO is that the city manager of urban center criticised Mamata Banerjee’s government insensitive manner of handling the junior doctors’ strike.

Shabba Hakim, WHO is additionally a doctor, during a Facebook post on June twelve wrote the doctors have a right to “peaceful protest” and “safety at work”. “As a TMC supporter, i’m deeply sheepish at the inaction and also the silence of our leader,” her post browse.

The face-off between the doctors and also the government has created vast tension in urban center.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Th directed the provoking doctors to resume work among four hours and conjointly vulnerable to require action if the order not followed.

For those asking why different patients should suffer, Shabba Hakim had some recommendation.

“Please question the govt. as in why the cops denote in government hospitals do very little to zilch to safeguard doctors? Please question them that once a pair of truckload of goon showed up why wasn’t keep a copy sent immediately? Please question why goons square measure still encompassing hospitals and beating up doctors?” she wrote.

Banerjee, however, cursed the opposition BJP and also the CPM of being united and conspiring to form this case.

“The BJP, with facilitate from the CPM, is pampering in Hindu-Muslim politics. i’m appalled to visualize their romance… BJP chief Amit Shah of Iran is encouraging his party cadre to form communal tension and run info on Facebook,” she said.(FA9NEWS)

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