Here could be a sneak peek into Modi’s journey on Discovery’s Man vs Wild, see video

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ready to feature in a very special episode of Discovery’s nature survival show Man vs Wild, hosted by Bear Grylls.

In the episode, PM Modi would reveal attention-grabbing anecdotes from his life. He would additionally talk about his keen interest in environmental conservation and values of respecting nature.

Here ar some excerpts from the episode which might be airy on August twelve at nine pm..

Responding to Grylls, once he found out evident dangers lurking in their neighborhood, PM Modi aforesaid, “We shouldn’t take this place as a zone. once we go against nature then everything becomes dangerous; men too become dangerous. On the opposite hand, if we have a tendency to collaborate with nature, then it additionally cooperates with USA.”

In the video, Grylls gave PM Modi Associate in Nursing jury-rigged version of a spear as a safeguard against potential attack from a tiger. PM Modi replied: “My upbringing doesn’t enable American state to require a life. However, i’ll hold thereon (the spear) since you insist!”

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