Hyderabad: 12-year-old Zunaira Khan emerges as software package developer, budding enterpriser

Hyderabad: At associate age once women play Barbie and Wendy dolls, this 12-year-old Hyderabadi lady, Zunaira Khan has created history by selling software package and coaching B technical school Students. She has emerged as a software package developer and a budding enterpriser.

Zunaira same, “Till currently I even have trained four to 5 batches. I work on net and mobile applications. For net applications, I work on markup language, CSS, PHP, MySQL info and javascript. at intervals shopper comes, I even have done mobile applications and business applications. Right now, i’m operating for associate nongovernmental organization, I even have created an internet site, and that i manage their website”.

Zunaira Khan from childhood showed a unprecedented inclination towards her mother’s coaching job categories for B-Tech students and insisted upon her momma to coach and teach her additionally.

Today, this marvel child has her own web site ZM Infocom and maybe is that the youngest enterpriser, attending category VII at metropolis Public faculty.

The school in recognition of her abilities have honored her with the title “Digital Ambassador metropolis Public faculty.”

Her mother Nishat Khan, per media reports, was shocked and astonished at her daughter’s interest within the IT business at such a young age of seven.

To date, Zunaira has concerning 5 shoppers associated is close to launch an application for ‘Team Management” which can give solutions to lack of team identity and slow flow of knowledge.

Mohammed Arbaz Alam, a B technical school student and a novice from Zunaira’s coaching category sharing his expertise same, “It was actually enriching being trained underneath her. i’m positive what I learnt along with her goes to assist Maine in developing my career.”

Zunaira may be a good addition to the spectrum of Indian girls contributory to their authorization and a challenge to people who crib and lament concerning Muslim girls and women insulant behind in education. Zunaira has proved unquestionably, “Muslims have talents”.

With inputs from cuckoo (FA9NEWS)

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