Hyderabad: area unit youths from alternative states targeting town girls? Cases of missing ladies increasing

Hyderabad: it’s terribly shocking that the amount of missing cases in Hyderabad town is on the rise.

As per the TV1 report, throughout the past 4-5 days, seventy seven missing cases were reportable. Most of them area unit ladies within the cohort 19-30 years.

On first June, thirteen in Hyderabad, eight in Cyberabad and ten cases of ladies missing were reportable in Rachakonda police headquarters space.
In the same manner, on second June, thirty one missing cases were reportable. On third June, four and on fourth June, eleven cases were reportable.

According to the report of the police, in most cases, it’s the relationship that is that the root reason for these incidents. it’s aforesaid that youths from alternative states area unit pampering taken with affairs targeting materialistic ladies of town.(FA9NEWS)

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