Hyderabad: partner commits suicide when quarrel with husband

Hyderabad: in an exceedingly serious incident, partner and husband quarreled over the problem of dropping the kids within the college as a results of it, partner consumed pesticides and committed suicide This incident occurred in Rain Bazar station space yesterday.

According to the main points, Irfana Islamist (27) partner of Mahound Iqbal was the resident of Yakutpura had got married to man. Iqbal 10 years back. She had 2 kids. Her husband accustomed drop kids to their faculties on a daily basis. 2 days back, he couldn’t drop kids into their faculties he had some necessary work to attend to.

It was the duty of the partner to drop kids into their faculties that she failing. once Iqbal came back home, he asked his partner the explanation for not dropping the kids. They indulged into heated arguments.

Vexed with this, his wife, Irfana Islamist consumed chemical and committed suicide.

Police Rain Bazar registered a case and commenced the investigation.(FA9NEWS)

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