Hyderabad: Truth behind Hyderabadi ladies gone ‘missing’ at intervals twenty four hours

Hyderabad: Nearly eighty two individuals went missing in Telangana within twenty four hours on Sat of that thirty five area unit ladies of time of life scan a twitter post causing chills and panic across Hyderabad.

So is there any truth to the post or was it simply another trick to scare town individuals. the reality behind ladies ‘going missing’ in Hyderabad?

“Request all the feminine people to watch out and extremely watchful. try and avoid motion alone, particularly within the nights and at deserted space,” scan AN Instagram story on Wednesday that has gone infectious agent as before long because it got shared, TT reports.

“Nearly eighty two individuals went missing in Telangana within twenty four hours on Sat. thirty five out of the missing area unit ladies of time of life,” scan another post on Twitter supply the rumors that too got shared multiple times.

Ever since then, many such ‘cautionary’ messages are current on social media since Tuesday morning when a report in native media claimed a rise in missing cases in Hyderabad.

According to the report, around 545 individuals together with kids and girls have gone missing in exactly 9 days in Gregorian calendar month due to ‘police inaction’.

However, these accusations have currently been challenged by the Telangana Police, World Health Organization have claimed they need derived eighty five p.c of missing individuals in 2018.

The Police additional low marks, love failure, property dispute and snatch because the most evident causes behind the disappearances.

Well, expensive Hyderabadis, the rumors area unit faux as there’s no truth to those speculations.

Hyderabad commissioner Anjani Kumar addressing these faux rumors current on social media has known as these rumors as ‘untrue’ and ‘fake’.


Rachakonda commissioner Mahesh M. Bhagwat too has urged netizens to ‘not like or share frivolous posts over missing cases intrinsically posts area unit making redundant panic’.

“I request all ladies to not believe such rumours and press reports,” tweeted V C Sajjanar, Cyberabad Commissioner of Police.

Delhi primarily based Twitter user Anshul Saxena World Health Organization has shared the false report in real time deleted his Tweet when the Telangana Police known as it’s report as ‘Fake news’.(FA9NEWS)

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