Hyderabad woman stranded in Muscat and Oman, created to wHyderabad: A 21-year-old woman named Shaheen lady had alleged of facing harassment in Muscat and Oman and her relations have wanted government facilitate to bring the victim back to the country.

Shaheen had gone to Muscat and Oman throughout Ramzan this year on the pretext of operating as a helper, however, she later sophisticated her family that she is being used as a maid is facing harassment.

Shaheen’s mother Sultana lady aforesaid, “An agent had secure my female offspring job in Muscat and Oman with Rs twenty five,000 salary. However, on landing there she was used as a maid and commenced facing a tough scenario. She has conjointly developed medical problems and is requesting to be reclaimed to Bharat. The agent is hard to please cash that we do not have.”

Sultana is additionally seeking government’s facilitate to bring her female offspring back.

“I request the central government to assist and rescue my Shaheen lady from Oman”, she said.

ork like maid; mother seeks govt facilitate(FA9NEWS)

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