Indian cricketers can currently be tested by National Anti-Doping Agency

New Delhi: Sports Secretary Radheshyam Jhulaniya on Friday aforesaid that the Indian cricket board has in agreement to return below the reach of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), ending years of defiance.

Jhulaniya, UN agency met BCCI chief operating officer Rahul Johri here on Friday, aforesaid the Board has given in writing that it’d adhere to the anti-doping policy of zip.

“All cricketers can currently be tested by zip,” Jhulaniya told PTI.

“The BCCI raised 3 problems before United States regarding the standard of the dope testing kits, ability of pathologists and sample assortment.

“We assured them that no matter facilities they require, we are going to offer however there’ll be some charge for it. BCCI is not any totally different from others,” he added.

The BCCI had been vehemently against language up with zip, claiming that it’s Associate in Nursing autonomous body, not a National Sports Federation and doesn’t have faith in government funding.

However, the sports ministry has additionally been steadfast in maintaining that it had to return below the zip reach.

it recently control back clearances for the tours by African nation A and women’s groups and it had been speculated that this was done to pressurise BCCI into acceptive anti-doping norms.(FA9NEWS)

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