‘Internet sensation’ on polling duty is from Lucknow

Lucknow: once she walked certain polling duties in Lucknow carrying AN EVM, earlier this month, her svelte figure and canary frock created heads flip. one amongst her colleagues clicked her photograph and announce it on the social media. inside no time, her photograph went microorganism and folks began creating inquiries.

The ‘internet sensation in yellow’, as she was known as, is Reena Dwiwedi, a Lucknow resident.

Hailing from Deoria district, Reena has worked as AN assistant officer within the PWD department since 2013.

“I have done election duties in 2014 and 2017 too however this point, I appear to possess suddenly become known due to this photograph. individuals in my very own workplace and even guests area unitasure} requesting me for selfies. although it’s nice to be known nightlong, it additionally gets uncomfortable sometimes,” she says.

According to Reena, the most effective reaction came from her son Aadit, a student of sophistication nine.

“He came to Maine and requested to form a video decision to his friends to form them believe that the girl is yellow frock was really his mother,” says Reena.

She says she could be a fitness freak and is attentive to her diet. Before change of integrity PWD, Reena had worked within the insurance sector.

“Private corporations have a additional disciplined work culture. I brought that bequest with Maine in PWD still. most likely that’s the explanation my seniors and executives appreciate Maine,” she says.

Reena says she had received many offers to act in Bhojpuri films, however failed to take them up since her son was tiny.

“Maybe, if i purchase sensible offers currently i could take them up as a result of my son is the right age to require care of himself,” she says.

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