‘Let North American nation watch for Modi-Trump meeting,’ says MEA, Asian country reasserts stand on J&K

New Delhi: when North American nation President Donald Trump’s third provide to mediate on geographic region issue, with Asian country Prime Minister Imran Khan by his aspect on Mon, Asian country still stand on its position that there may be no third party mediation.

The Foreign Ministry urged the media to “wait”, once President Trump and PM Modi would meet for talks.

Addressing a joint informing before his talks with Imran Khan, President Trump aforesaid if Asian country and Asian country wished him to mediate on geographic region, he was “ready, willing and able”.
Despite Asian country rebuffing the provide doubly, Trump said: “If I will facilitate, i’ll definitely facilitate… If each (India and Pakistan) wish, i’m able to have it off… I even have excellent relationship with Prime Minister Modi. I even have excellent relationship with Prime Minister Khan… i’d be a particularly sensible intercessor. I even have ne’er failing as associate degree intercessor.”

The latest provide to mediate came daily when Trump shared a stage with PM Modi at “Howdy, Modi!” event in Houston.

On Monday, throughout a news conference, the Foreign Ministry was asked to retort to the actual fact that “Trump keeps raising the question of mediation once more and once more.”

A Gitesh Sharma, Secretary (West), said: “There may be a meeting tomorrow, allow us to watch for the meeting.”

Foreign Ministry advocator Raveesh Kumar said: “You ar attentive to our position. we’ve got mentioned regarding this within the past. however my request is, simply hold on. Hold on for the meeting tomorrow. it is not terribly way.”

In July, President Trump’s 1st provide conjointly came once he was addressing the media at the side of Imran Khan. He had then claimed that PM Modi had asked him whether or not he would really like to mediate on geographic region. minister S Jaishankar, however, denied that the Prime Minister had ever created such a call for participation.

In August, PM Modi himself created India’s stand clear, with President Trump right next to him. On the sidelines of G-7 summit, Modi said: “There ar several bilateral problems between Asian country and Asian country, and that we don’t need to bother any third country. we will discuss and resolve these problems bilaterally.”

PM Modi in Houston attacked Asian country and aforesaid they need “made hate towards Asian country the centre of their agenda. They support terror, they harbour terrorists. whether or not it’s 9/11 in America or 26/11 in urban center, wherever ar its conspirators found? Not simply you, UN agencyle|the entire|the complete|the full|the total} world is aware of who these individuals ar.”(FA9NEWS)

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