Love affair takes ugly flip, beau’s ‘hijack scare’ proves pricey

Ahmedabad: National Investigation Agency (NIA) Court pronounced immurement for a Mumbai-based bourgeois besides imposing a fine of Rs. 5 crore.

According to the main points of the case, Associate in Nursing air rider by name Birju Kishor Salla wrote a hijack threat in Urdu and English on a tissue and glued it within the rest room of the plane. This incident had taken place on thirtieth Oct 2017.

Special decide of NIA, Mr. K.M. Dev told that the quantity of fine to be collected from the bourgeois would be distributed among the passengers and therefore the plane crew.

After this incident, Salla became the primary air rider on whom, travelling has been prohibited throughout the planet. he’s conjointly the primary Indian subject UN agency has been given social control below the Anti-Hijacking Act 2016.

The bourgeois confessed his guilt and same that he had written this threat hoping that Jet Airways would be forced to shut down its flights from metropolis and as a result, his girlfriend UN agency is functioning with Jet Airways in metropolis would come to Mumbai.(FA9NEWS)

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