‘MLAs with America, not in hotel’, Sena dismisses rumour as Omaha logjam continues

Mumbai: knife Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Thursday command BJP to blame for the continuing uncertainty over government formation in geographical area and same they were harming the state by doing thus.

He conjointly asked that if the people’s mandate was for the ‘Mahayuti’ (grand alliance), why was the Bjp not staking claim to make the govt, ”Why have you ever (BJP) came empty-handed when meeting the governor?”.

Raut reiterated that the chief minister would be from the knife Sena solely.

”There was no amendment in Sena’s stand on government formation; all MLAs support Uddhav Thackeray”, Raut same whereas addressing a conference.

Earlier, there have been reports that knife Sena rapt its MLAs to a building in Mumbai however Raut pink-slipped the claims expression that it had been a rumour and knife Sena legislators were committed to the party and there was no ought to do thus.

The BJP and also the knife Sena square measure engaged in a very bitter tug-of-war over the latter’s demand for equal distribution of portfolios and sharing the chief minister’s post, leading state into a deep political crisis. Till now, no permutation and combination has puzzled out for the Sena that has even plumbed out the Opposition. The Congress and also the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) have rejected Sena’s indirect overtures.

While the BJP is assured that they’re going to helm another term in power, they need to search out a formula like a shot before this Assembly expires on Nov eight.

If they fail to try and do thus, geographical area can see either the President’s or the Governor’s rule.(FA9NEWS)

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