Now, another Thakur, a BJP MLA praises Godse

Bhopal: on balance clamour for discipline, the BJP appears to possess set to downplay action against Pragya Thakur over her remarks concerning Godses nationalism. Even before the problem was place to rest, another Thakur has raised her voice in favour of Godse. The party MLA from Mhow in Indore, Usha Thakur, reiterated at a conference on weekday what Pragya had same nearly period of time agone. The message is clear: the party’s threat to act against the offenders was simply eye-lotion.

“Godse was a subject, quite involved concerning the state,” same Usha Thakur. we’d like to seem at the circumstances prevailing in this amount to establish what drove him to kill Gandhi. The party has clearly set to seem the opposite method. Usha Thakur had hit the headlines 3 years agone by line for a ban on Muslim youth collaborating in Garba throughout Navaratri. Like Pragya, the mobike-riding Usha contains a predilection to dip words in venom before shooting them.

On might sixteen the Pragya had incurred the leadership’s wrath by line Godse a subject. BJP president Amit monarch had ordered show-cause notices to be served on her and 3 others, Karnataka’s Anant Kumar Hegde and Nalin Kateel and Madhya Pradesh media cell answerable Anil Saumitra WHO eulogised Godse or demeaned Gandhi. They were asked to clarify their conduct in 10 days and therefore the matter was remarked a disciplinary committee. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had gone to the extent of claiming he would ne’er be able to forgive Pragya.

Modi was shown ignoring Pragya once she greeted him throughout a gathering of latest members of Lok Sabha. the full sequence came to cypher as Modi set to forget her offence. There appears to be no more action once BJP suspended Saumitra from the first membership of the party.

With the election heat on, the matter was remarked the disciplinary committee and therefore the offenders were asked to clarify their conduct in 10 days. Despite her apology, the party was sad with Pragya Thakur. throughout the warmth of the movement party president Amit monarch known as the remarks on sage Gandhi’s assassin “not in line with the party’s ideology” and party’s disciplinary committee had given them ten days to clarify their comments.

The leaders have apparently not fazed to reply to the notice, nor has the disciplinary committee received any formal communication from the party president.(FA9NEWS)

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