Raja Singh accuses Asaduddin Owaisi of ‘financially supporting’ terrorists

Hyderabad: BJP leader T Raja Singh on Sunday defendant the AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi of “financially supporting” the terrorists whereas declarative that BJP can win the Hyderabad Lok Sabha body in 2024 and which can mark the “end for Owaisi.”

“Asaduddin Owaisi is supporting terrorist financially and these days in his body quite 7000 Muslims from completely different nations live. individuals square measure against Owaisi within the previous town as a result of he has not done something for the previous town. we have a tendency to square measure positive that in 2024 BJP can win the Hyderabad Parliamentary seat and it’ll be the tip for Owaisi,” Raja Singh whereas reprehension cuckoo.

This comes once Minister of State for Home Affairs G Kishan Reddy sparked an issue by spoken communication, “wherever within the county, a coup de main happens, its roots square measure found in Hyderabad.” He conjointly known as Hyderabad a terror safe zone.

Reacting to Reddy’s statement, Owaisi had same, “He has spoken in an exceedingly disgraceful manner even before taking charge. Talking like this in associate unreliable manner doesn’t suit a minister. however we have a tendency to expect them to speak like this as a result of where they (BJP) see Muslims, they see terrorists.”

Supporting the statement created by MoS Home, Raja Singh same, “‘I support the statement of BJP MP Kishan Reddy as a result of last time once a blast occurred in Hyderabad, people that defendant in this blast were conjointly from his consistency. If we have a tendency to take Gujarat Haren Pandya case, the defendant were from his consistency and twelve ISIS terrorist have conjointly been caught from his body.”

Raja Singh any declared that Muslims weren’t petrified of Prime Minister Narendra Modi however they were petrified of Owaisi. He conjointly demanded independent agency be enforced in Hyderabad to get rid of all the Muslims WHO don’t belong to Hyderabad.
“Today the important Muslims square measure with Modi for development of the state. Owaisi ought to stop taking Modi’s name and he ought to stop jutting that Modi government as anti-Muslim,” Singh same.

“He can’t do something to Muslims and he’s representing himself because the saviour of Muslims,” he added. (FA9NEWS)

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