SBI too will accept NPR form for KYC

Hyderabad: The depository financial institution of India (SBI) has some eyebrows by issuing a public notice stating that letters issued by the National Population Register (NPR) would be valid documents for the KYC (Know You Customer) requirements.

The notice was published in an English daily in Secunderabad on Sunday, amid the raging nationwide protests against the NPR.

Twitter users reacted immediately, condemning the bank for trying to legitimise a controversial move by the Central government. Many involved withdrawing their deposits from SBI to “secure” their savings. One user wrote: “Take out your hard-earned money from all government banks. they’ll freeze your accounts within the name of KYC. we’d like to reject NRC, CAA and NPR.”

It may be noted that a couple of weeks ago, the RBI had revised its KYC guidelines and made the NPR letters a legitimate document. Before SBI, the financial institution of India had issued an identical notice.

Notwithstanding the rules , there’s little or no clarity about where these NPR letters will come from. Even SBI officials didn’t seem to understand about them.

A senior official told Deccan Chronicle, “The NPR isn’t a replacement concept. we’ve had NPR updation exercises within the past also . Even then, through my decades-long service, I never saw a letter issued by the NPR. nobody has ever tried to submit it. I doubt many would do this now either.”

The official emphasised that NPR letters were just one of the documents that would be used for KYC. “Customers can still submit their Aadhaar, Voter ID, driver’s license , passport or MNREGA job cards,” he said.(FA9news)

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