Will this continue just like the last five yrs? Gauhar Khan on harassment of Muslims post elections

Reacting powerfully on the beating of Muslims within the name of cow slaughter, Indian model and histrion Gauhar Khan condemned the acts. She took to twitter to precise her anger, on that she wrote: “Also day one of the inclusivity promise , a Muslim man n woman crushed badly, day two a Muslim man in gurugram crushed for sporting a namaz ki topi ! N vulnerable to be fed pork if he didn’t take away it! will there be a kadi shabdon mein ninda currently or this may continue just like the last five yrs”

Gauhar Khan was responding to the incident occurred in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh on might twenty five, during which a mob beat four Muslims together with a lady within the name of gau raksha. In another incident a Muslim family was misbehaved in Gurugram.

Reacting to the current Gauhar Khan any tweeted: “Plssssssssssss stop thrashing ppl within the name of religion! Stop ! What r these lathis ppl r carrying ??? the minorities can need to carry lathis with them for self defence , is it ?????? Request u to Condemn the hate, every day , each single day ! instead it’s not enough!



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