Book review: Voice of the Runes by Manjiri Prabhu, chilling tale of affection and deceit

Continuing with the adventures of journalist Re Parkar, Manjiri Prabhu’s new adventure story sees the protagonist’s school, urban center University of Sweden vocation him back for his or her 350th year celebrations.

An unearned visitant, Re Parker is but, sweptwing into a torrent of mystery and intrigue once the box of the character department academician industrialist drops dead whereas giving his welcome speech throughout the celebrations.

It seems his runes were poisoned.

What follows could be a tale of each passion and deception as Parker, beside academician Heinz’s assistant Magdalena Lindberg come into being on a path to search out out the explanation behind the mysterious death of the prof and therefore the myth, he had hinted at before dying.

Runes play associate degree integral role in Prabhu’s telling with Nordic symbols changing into one in all the main catalysts in serving to move the plot forward.

However, all isn’t what it looks. whereas the prof had hinted at the mythic myth before his death, et al timely begin dying, the mystery behind the offender gets murkier with each passing clue, and demise.

Prabhu’s book, though, sometimes tedious, manages to portray a stark image of the mystery that surrounds the Nordic runes and therefore the several interpretations they provide.

Set as each a mystery and a romance, the book sees Lindberg battling along with her emotions as she sets resolute facilitate Parker to find the person or persons behind the crimes being committed within the university.

Voices of the Runes is a noteworthy browse, which is able to compel readers to show the pages as undercurrents of violence keeps them unmoving for the protagonist, all the whereas skeletons keep tumbling out from hidden closets. The author terribly smartly captures the readers’ imagination all the whereas dropping hints at what perhaps that what everything extremely seems to be.(FA9NEWS)

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