Buzz in Congress that Priyanka ought to take over as party position

New Delhi: The Congress operating Committee that has been unable to reach a accord on Rahul Gandhi’s replacement is unlikely to fulfill in the week to appoint their new chief. However, AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s name is being murmured for the post of party president.

Priyanka’s name has not been pushed brazenly as a result of Rahul Gandhi had same that the party ought to realize somebody apart from a member of the Gandhi family for the post.

He created the statement on might twenty five throughout the CWC meet whereas transference his call to step down from the post.

Former Union minister Sriprakash Jaiswal told Indian Express: “But many folks square measure oral communication currently. I, too, believe Priyankaji ought to become the Congress president. She belongs to the Gandhi family. She could be a leader and has the standard to guide the party. She is dynamic.”

Jaiswal same that Priyanka would be a decent possibility and her name has not been same brazenly as folks square measure hesitant as a result of Rahul’s statement of finding a non-Gandhi for the post.

Adding support to nominate Priyanka Gandhi’s name, three-time former Lok Sabha MP Bhakta Charan Das same that “leaders can demand Priyanka terrorist group within the absence of Rahul Gandhi.” He same that if Rahul doesn’t take back his resignation, Priyanka ought to take the post of party president and party ought to propose her name.

“Enough delay went on. we must always realize a frontrunner UN agency is appropriate to everybody. and also the leader ought to have a positive imprint within the minds of each employee and elector. Age ought to even be an element. Age and recognition each. succeeding Congress president shouldn’t be terribly recent. which person ought to be untiring a bit like Rahul Gandhi was,” Das additional.

According to sources, the CWC might take into account acceptive Rahul Gandhi’s resignation and select internal elections to select a replacement. They conjointly additional that it should empower the party’s general secretaries and state-in-charges to require call throughout the interim amount.

This push for Priyanka, however, comes at a time once senior leaders worry that she might not have the type of acceptableness within the party that her brother still has. Sources same several leaders failed to like her remarks at the CWC meeting in might. throughout the meeting, Priyanka same that those that “murdered” the party were sitting within the space.(FA9NEWS)

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