Delhi lady kills self, blames ‘tormentor’ teacher

New Delhi: Relentless humiliation and rebuke from her teacher over the previous few months forced a category seven student here to kill by hanging herself, police aforesaid on weekday.

Daisy Rathore, 12, UN agency hanged herself from a ceiling fan at her home on December one, wrote the teacher’s name on her palms and hands and conjointly left behind a note stating the explanation for her extreme step.

“We square measure awaiting the autopsy report and recording statements of the victim’s friends and classmates. we’ll take strict action against the offender,” Joint Commissioner of Police Madhup Tiwari told IANS.

“On her palms and hands she wrote that she failed to need to travel to high school any longer. She apologized to her mother and grandma and aforesaid she was planning to meet Lord avatar,” he added.

Daisy Rathore was a student of Gyan Mandir Public faculty at Naraina Vihar.

She was last seen alive by her mother Kamal Rathore, before effort for the Tis Hazari Court wherever she is associate advocate.

Around 4 p.m., once the mother came, she discovered her daughter’s lifeless body, a peace officer aforesaid. A suicide note was conjointly recovered.

Tiwari said: “On Wed, the victim’s mother visited the Inderpuri police headquarters and told the officers that her female offspring had on Gregorian calendar month thirty gone on a faculty trip. following day some students of sophistication vi joined the lady with a boy.

“When her lecturers came to understand concerning this, they allegedly reproved her,” the officer else.

A resident of Inderpuri, the juvenile person had complained of relentless humiliation by her teacher.

“My female offspring complained that the teacher reproved her daily. a similar teacher reproved and humiliated her on weekday for ten minutes within the lab. She cried within the faculty lavatory when the episode,” Kamal Rathore told IANS.

“She had been demand that i alter her faculty however I failed to recognize the extent of the crisis. I had not accomplished that she would kill,” she said.

The mother skint down whereas chatting with reporters on weekday.

“I was getting to take her out on her birthday on December twenty. however she has left U.S.. I ought to have modified her faculty,” rued Kamal Rathore, whose husband passed on to the great beyond some eight years past.

Apparently, the tormented student had told a number of her friends that she would kill and wouldn’t meet them once more.

The school management has came upon an enclosed committee to probe the incident and can submit its report back to the Delhi Police.

The Gyan Mandir Public faculty aforesaid in a very statement: “We square measure totally cooperating with the investigation authority. As of currently we have a tendency to don’t seem to be at liberty to disclose any details which can jeopardize the police probe. we have a tendency to exchange commonality along with her family during this troublesome time.”(FA9NEWS)

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