ED raids Henry Martyn Robert Vadra’s ‘aide’ Jagdish Sharma’s house, detains for questioning

New Delhi: The social control board (ED) on Saturday conducted a raid at the residence of Congress employee Jagdish Sharma.

Sharma, UN agency is believed to be a detailed aide of bourgeois Henry Martyn Robert Vadra, has conjointly been taken to the male erecticle dysfunction workplace for questioning.

“Robert Vadra is being framed. The Modi government desires to lure Henry Martyn Robert Vadra. Searches area unit on at my residence. what is going to they get once there’s nothing. they’re taking Pine Tree State to male erecticle dysfunction workplace for questioning,” Sharma told cuckoo.

On Friday, the male erecticle dysfunction conducted raids at the premises of some shut associates of Vadra, in-law of UPA president Sonia Gandhi for allegedly receiving cash from defence suppliers, per sources within the investigation agency.

The raids were conducted at 3 places in Old Delhi and Bengaluru, the male erecticle dysfunction sources aforesaid.

While Vadra’s advocate Suman Khaitan cried foul, male erecticle dysfunction sources aforesaid the investigation agency has “evidence” that the persons being raided had received cash in their bank accounts from defence suppliers.

Khaitan claimed that the male erecticle dysfunction officers raided “close associates” and business partners of Vadra while not even showing any search warrants.

Vadra had earlier in the week alleged that the corruption probe against him was the results of a political molestation aimed toward “besmirching his dignity and reputation”.

In a Facebook post, Vadra claimed that the authorities were cognizant of the actual fact that there was no case against him, adding that the proceedings were a mere “media circus” to distract the general public.(FA9NEWS)

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