Fuel costs continue northward march

New Delhi [India], Sept fourteen (FA9NEWS): Fuel value jumped to uncomparable high on Fri, with hydrocarbon being sold-out at Rs eighty one.28 per cubic decimetre and diesel at Rs seventy three.30 per cubic decimetre within the urban center.
The hydrocarbon value was inflated by twenty eight paise per cubic decimetre, whereas the diesel saw a hike of twenty-two paise per cubic decimetre within the urban center, au fait the Indian Oil Corporation.
On the opposite hand, the worth of hydrocarbon rose to Rs eighty eight.67 per cubic decimetre in Mumbai, whereas diesel is being sold-out at seventy seven.82 per cubic decimetre.
The continuous hike within the fuel value is being witnessed from past few days, inflicting a lot of hassle to the folk.
Speaking concerning the soaring fuel value, Union oil and gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan earlier same that the hike in fuel value within the country is thanks to international factors, and not beneath the Centre’s management. (FA9NEWS)

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