Grail Insights, formerly Grail Research, announces reorganization as a fully independent company

New Delhi [India], Gregorian calendar month twenty five (Businesswire-India): Holy Grail Insights, at one time Holy Grail analysis, has reorganised as Associate in Nursing freelance world strategic insights practice. it’s one in all the highest strategic consultancies in Republic of India.
Grail Insights has 250+ consultants, analysts, information scientists and technologists worldwide. Their largest workplace relies in Noida with some two hundred workers and plans for enlargement.
As COO, Abhay Mathur explains, “The reorganization can drive growth and that we ar actively following prime talent in Republic of India and on the far side. we’ve continuously been a future-focused company and currently we have a tendency to ar moving even quicker.”
“As a new freelance company we have a tendency to ar optimally positioned to pursue innovative approaches to uncovering opportunities and implementing solutions to our clients’ most pressing business challenges,” same Arundhati Mehrotra, world Head of analysis.
“Our slogan is ‘See Clearly. Act resolutely.’ we have a tendency to go many steps on the far side ancient marketing research firms as a result of we have a tendency to ar action-obsessed,” she additional.
The company began in 2006 because the strategic analysis arm of Monitor cluster. In 2009 Holy Grail became a part of Integreon and greatly distended its world footprint. when NewQuest Capital noninheritable Integreon in 2016, it recognized Grail’s potential as Associate in Nursing freelance firm.
Why the name change? as a result of Holy Grail is Associate in Nursing insights company. whereas primary and secondary analysis stay cornerstones, Grail’s strictly holistic approach involves applying data-driven insights to their clients’ monetary, procurance, sales, compliance and regulative functions in ways in which extend strategic vision, enhance productivity, make the most the chance and build rock bottom line.
Now, with Associate in Nursing freelance govt team and separate sources of growth funding, Holy Grail is optimally poised to reply resolutely to Associate in Nursing evolving insights trade and facilitate purchasers chart the course from insights to action. (Businesswire-India)

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