Hate crime in US: Muslim woman’s Hijab ripped off

Dallas: in an exceedingly yet one more hate crime incident within the u. s. of America, a Muslim mother and female offspring were attacked at Reunion Tower, in Dallas.

According to sources, the incident befell at around 7:30 pm, on Sunday during which Renee Ayesh and her female offspring, Jenan Ayesh from OK were attacked after they had visited the landmark as a part of a family get-together in Dallas. Ayesh and Jenan each carrying hijabs. They were within the lobby of the tower looking forward to her in-law to select them up.

According to them, they were standing simply to the facet of 1 of the double doors once a girl exiting the building told her to induce out of the approach. Apologizing Ayesh touched away however aforementioned to the girl ‘There’s another door you’ll have used.’
On this, the girl began conflict and utter them and aforementioned, “Why area unit you here? return to your country.” the girl referred to as the hijab a ‘dirt rag’ on the top. the girl additionally ripped off Jenan’s hijab, then grabbed her hair and tried to force her to the bottom.

Jenan and Renee area unit traumatized by the incident as they’d ne’er encounter such behaviour before. Police area unit work the incident as a attainable hate crime.(FA9NEWS)

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