Iran to deploy warships to Atlantic: media

Tehran: Iran is to deploy its newest combat ship to the ocean on a five-month mission — the navy’s longest in an exceedingly decade, the conservative Fars wire service reported on Sabbatum.

“The navy has had an inspiration to deploy a flotilla to the ocean for a number of years and currently everything appears ready to launch the mission,” aforementioned Fars, that is taken into account near to Iran’s military.

Rear Admiral Touraj Hassani-Moghadam told the official IRNA wire service on Fri that the mission would begin early within the next Iranian year, that begins in late March.
The flotilla can comprise the new missile frigate war vessel Sahand, that was unveiled simply last month, and therefore the recently upgraded thirty three,000-ton fuel ship Kharg.

The vessels square measure expected to dock in an exceedingly friendly Latin American country like Republic of Venezuela, Fars said.

The ships square measure among Iran’s largest and each square measure capable of carrying helicopters.

The Sahand may be a a lot of advanced version of the Iranian-built Jamaran category that went into service over the past decade.

It is a radar-evading concealing ship capable of military action, Rear-Admiral Alireza Sheikhi told IRNA last month.(FA9NEWS)

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