Karnataka: Decline in Muslim birth rate, rise in Hindu; ISEC cites these reasons

Bengaluru: information free by the Registrar General of Bharat explicit that nine.3 large integer births were registered in families of Hindus, 1.6 large integer in Muslims and half-dozen,431 in Christians in Mysore in 2017.

The report, reveals a rise of zero.2 per cent in Hindu kid took birth in a pair of017, compared to 2016 report. On the opposite hand, there has been a decrease of five per cent in Muslim birth and thirteen per cent in Christians as compared to the registered deliveries in 2016. In 2016, 9.3 large integer Hindu, 1.7 large integer Muslim seven|and seven},369 Christian newborns were registered.
Registrar General of Bharat compiled data} supported information submitted by the Mysore government.

As reported by ToI, professor CM Lakshmana, head of the Population analysis Centre at the Institute for Social and Economic amendment (ISEC), has attributed the dip in Muslim and Christian families to dynamic trends in education levels, acceptance and planning. He, however, same no explicit reason might be explicit while not AN in-depth study.(FA9NEWS)

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