Nawaz plays victim, says returning to face jail for people

Abu Dhabi [U.A.E.], Gregorian calendar month thirteen (FA9NEWS): before his at hand imprisonment, former prime minister of West Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif urged his followers to square with him to “change the fate of the country.”
Maryam Nawaz, UN agency is enroute to West Pakistan from London, along side her father Nawaz Sharif, tweeted a video message by the oust prime minister during which he aforementioned, “I am aware that I even have been sentenced to ten years [in prison] and that i are going to be taken to a cell at once. however i would like the Pakistani nation to grasp that i’m doing this for you. I urge everybody to return and stand with Pine Tree State and let’s modification the fate of the country.”

Maryam Nawaz Sharif

نواز شریف نے اپنا فرض نبھا دیا۔ اب آپ کی باری ہے !

9:00 AM – Jul thirteen, 2018
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Former three-time prime minister Nawaz Sharif was guilty in absentia last week for a corruption scandal and sentenced to ten years in jail. His female offspring Maryam was bimanual 8-year jail term within the same case.
The father-duo were in London, wherever Nawaz’s married woman Kulsoom Nawaz is hospitalised and is undergoing treatment for cancer.
According to The Dawn newspaper, Nawaz and Maryam square measure expected to land at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International airdrome at 6:15 pm civil time on Friday via Abu Dhabi.
Both are going to be inactive on their arrival at metropolis airdrome from wherever they’re going to be taken to national capital by a chopper, and so are going to be sent to Adiala jail for imprisonment, reportable The Dawn.
Maryam announce footage on Twitter of the scenes in London before their departure for West Pakistan. In one in every of the photographs, the daddy and female offspring square measure seen bidding a tearful farewell to sick Kulsoom Nawaz.
A 16-member team of National responsibility Bureau (NAB) team, together with 2 girls officers, has been shaped below the headship of Director Amjad Ali Aulakh to arrest the daddy and therefore the female offspring.
NAB sources in national capital aforementioned that each the guilty would be unbroken at Adiala jail for daily before being transferred to the infamous Attock Fort jail.
In April, Pakistan’s Supreme Court disqualified Nawaz from contesting elections for the remainder of his life attributable to his corruption cases as discovered within the Panama Papers.
Sharif had stepped down as prime minister in Gregorian calendar month last year once the country’s apex court disqualified him from workplace over unavowed assets. (FA9NEWS)

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