Niko Kovac not exclusively to blame for crisis at Bayern Munich: Lothar Matthaus

Mumbai: Dark clouds of uncertainty still hover higher than Niko Kovac’s head as he battles for his job at Bayern Muenchen. Since seizing from Jupp Heynckes within the summer, the Slav has didn’t scale identical heights his predecessors have reached within the previous couple of years; presently languishing at the fourth spot of the Bundesliga table, 9 points behind leaders Borussia Dortmund when a torrid begin to their campaign.

Not solely has his strained relationship with few of the senior players come back to the fore however even Bayern Muenchen president Uli Hoeness has created his frustration evident on multiple instances.

Hoeness command no punches when Bayern slouched to 3-3 shock draw reception late Gregorian calendar month to Roman deity city, labelling their defensive show as “slapstick comedy” whereas additionally business the performances by his players as “unacceptable”.

However, former club legend Lothar Matthaus opines that Kovac isn’t exclusively to blame for tensions production at intervals the club. once questioned if he would back the under-fire Kovac with several favourable social control choices one telephone call away, Matthaus took associate aim at the Bayern chief.

“Less talking publically and additional talking with my coach, creating him stronger within the front of media and therefore the team,” he aforesaid at the Bundesliga event in Mumbai on Wed.

“When you choose to appoint somebody as coach 5 months agone, then you wish to back him identical means even once results are not going your means. it’s not solely the matter of Niko Kovac however the club was missing some changes before the season.

“They didn’t build any changes within the team after they were enjoying brightly within the Bundesliga throughout the last six years wherever they additionally went so much within the Champions League and even won the German Cup some of times. however you can not maintain identical intensity for seven, eight, 9 years with identical players. They believed the players might love once more. however time changes,” the 1990 German World Cup-winning captain explained.

A fan favorite at the Allianz Arena throughout his enjoying days, the previous Ballon d’Or winner created his admiration known for Dortmund United Nations agency have taken the Bundesliga by storm beneath Lucien Favre.

“Look at Borussia Dortmund, i prefer their vogue. you recognize why Dortmund is that the strongest team today? They were uptake identical s*** however they were doing the proper things for the past 2 years. They started with a young generation of players and they’re currently able to play at the highest level.

“Bayern didn’t build these changes and currently they’re paying the value for it. after you win the Bundesliga sixfold in a very row, you lose a touch little bit of motivation, concentration and a small amount of intensity. several factors acquire play. Bayern is witnessing the results of for the changes that weren’t made: to bring recent blood, young and quick players within the squad. however this competition is sweet for the German championship,” he declared.(FA9NEWS)

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