Public agitation affects train services in and around urban center

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Sept fourteen (FA9NEWS): because of public agitation at Vasind space earlier these days, train services are affected in and around urban center because the residential area trains were running up until Titwala just for a quick period, aforesaid Sunil Udasi, CPRO Central Railway.
The traffic remains affected between Titwala and Kasara, whereas commuters are suggested to “desist from such agitations as this can solely prolong the restoration work which is able to currently go up to 10-11 am”.
The agitation happened once a tower wagon derailed throughout the already dark maintenance work of the overhead line between Asangaon and Kasara.
As per latest data, the agitation at Vasind is over and Mail/Express train movement has started on one line for up and down direction. However, there’ll be a delay in clearing all Mail/Express trains because of bunching.(FA9NEWS)

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