Rs one large integer reward on Sidhu’s head for ‘insulting’ Yogi Adityanath by Hindu Yuva Vahini

The Hindu Yuva Vahini (HYV), declared a souvenir of Rs one large integer to anyone WHO beheads the geographical area cupboard minister Navjot Singh Sidhu for “abusing Uttar Pradesh chief minister.
President of Agra unit of HYV, Tarun Singh, same he would chop Sidhu into items if the latter visits Agra. This rightist cluster is supported by Yogi Adityanath over fifteen years agone.

Mr Tarun same that Sidhu had given a press release against the UP CM at a rally in Rajasthan, that can’t be tolerated. The slogans were raised against Sidhu by activists of HYV Associate in Nursingd Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh additionally burnt an simulacrum of Sidhu.
Sidhu whereas addressing Associate in Nursing election rally in Ramganj Mandi on Sunday same that BJP wasn’t devoted to the folks of the state which “even chowkidar’s (Prime Minister) dog isn’t loyal, and may be a chor (thief). And, Yogi is that the biggest ‘bhogi (one WHO indulges in worldly pleasures).”

Tarun Singh same that Sidhu had been laudatory the near country and giving statements against his own country, that is inexcusable. “Either Sidhu ought to move to Pakistan or we are going to not let him sleep in Bharat,” another Tarun Singh.(FA9NEWS)

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