The Six: Arabic Christmas Carols

DUBAI: Arab Christians have a robust tradition of enjoying Christmas carols throughout the merry amount. Here area unit simply a number of seasonal songs from the Levant region.
‘Laylat Al-Milad’
Translated to mean “Nativity Night,” this ancient merry song is standard within the Levant region and options poetic lyrics concerning the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.
‘Laylet Eid’
One of the foremost standard versions of this song is performed by legendary Lebanese singer Fairouz. The song follows a similar tune because the English-language song “Jingle Bells” and could be a joyful song concerning Christmas trees and family gatherings.
‘Sawt el-Eid’
This one follows the globally recognized tune of “Silent Night” and one in all its most well liked versions is sung by Fairouz. The song could be a swingy lullaby concerning the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, very similar to its English counterpart.
‘Talj, Talj’
Translated as “Snow, Snow,” this carol paints a charming image of softly falling snow and was popularized by the apparent queen of carols, Fairouz.
Performed by Lebanese soprano coloratura singer Hiba Tawaji, this one could be a peaceful melody concerning the birth of Jesus of Nazareth with lyrics written by father Youssef Mouannes.
‘Ahla atomic number 83 Yassouh’
Carole Samaha’s “Ahla atomic number 83 Yassouh” describes a superbly lit market, that has been embellished with colourful lights for the merry season.(FA9NEWS)

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