Sony footage Classics picks animated feature ‘Ruben Willy Brandt, Collector’

Washington DC, [USA] Sept fourteen (FA9NEWS): Sony image classic currently has North and Spanish American rights to the animated feature Ruben Willy Brandt, Collector.
According to The Hollywood newsman, directed by Milorad Krstic, the feature follows Ruben Willy Brandt, a far-famed healer UN agency is forced to steal paintings from a number of the world’s illustrious museums and personal collections and reciprocally stop his full of the nightmares he has as a results of imperceptible electronic messaging he received as a baby.
Later within the film, Willy Brandt becomes the foremost wished criminal within the world with Gangsters and headhunters chasing him. A corporate trust of insurance firms finally decides to rent electro-acoustic transducer Kowalski, a personal detective, to unravel the “Collector Case.”
The film is confined by Krstic whereas Peter Miskolczi, Radmila Roczkov, and Janos Kurdy-Feher handled the assembly. (FA9NEWS)

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